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"Right now food is my medicine and it is working fine."   Michael



"I thank you so much for this valuable information you were sending me. I made my mom follow the chelation protocol with all the minerals you provided and she stopped having these attacks. Suddenly, she has more energy in the last 3 days and every day is better than the one before. She was eating only cruciferous vegetables. Even her kidneys hurt less this morning, so i will add coQ10 and see how she will feel. I appreciate enormously your support."    Sally

"I found your site while searching for sites that may have any functional/ naturalistic protocols that i can incorporate in my practice. It is extremely difficult to find a plainly written treatment plans for the most common diseases, syndromes, symptoms. Thanks for your help;"   Ira   Note this is incredible my protocols are being used by Medical Professionals

I don't remember how I found you...but I can tell you I read solid for a straight week after wasting $8K on useless doctors that have NO clue about EMF.   I was completely mineral depleted with my heart syncing up to an algorithm every night at 3am when smart meters pinged.   Kathy

"I want to thank you for your immune protocol. I now understand how it works and how to help it. I now have two less chronic health problems. Your vitamin D protocol played a big part in this."  Jim

"Healthy Protocols is a great site... You deserve a Nobel Prize!"   Ken

I found [healthyprotocols] doing some research for one of my clients. Also, we do have our own DHEA protocols but I was looking for a even more natural boost (than DHEA made from yam) for low DHEA and low cortisol .  I did google search and was so glad when I found your amazing website. I already referred your site to other practitioner and Naturopaths. If you're connected to Facebook, I could post for my colleagues and students at the Institute for N Leadership and FDN.  Great job thank you!   Alex

"How I Healed My Failing Liver Naturally: Borderline type2 diabetes was first suggested and then strongly by healthyprotocols. I eat very different now and my weight don't go up. It might stall, but I am not maintaining anything with dropping all sugar (and wheat for time being). I'm not in a hurry for that, just for healthiness. Really diet change put a big stop sign on the whole deal and things are going pretty well. Seriously, I tasted sugar after 3 days of really strict green vege/protein stuff, in a spoon full of almond butter. Sure enough, this was not good stuff with sugar ahead of salt in list of ingredients. Right now food is my medicine and it is working fine. healthyprotocols rules IMO."   Michael

"I have been reading Healthy Protocols for days on end. How simple it all is. I wish I knew all this years ago. Congratulations."  Peter

"I am a physician and I can tell you I now pay a lot more attention to what I am putting in my mouth. Thanks!"

"Your Cancer Protocols make cancer understandable. It is amazing how easy it is to avoid cancer. Thanks."   John

"I am a physician (family med/anti-aging/integrative med)and ran into your website one day doing a search. Found it very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work. Let me know if you need any help, lots of people could benefit from the practical useful info. :)"   Virgil

"Thank you for your website. As a healthcare professional I have been recommending your site to clients."   Sal

"I have been interested in matters of my health for decades and am glad I found your website. Keep up your good work."   Sandra

Consider raising your subscription price. At twenty dollars your site has to be the best bargain in health!   Susan

BTW thanks for all the work you have put into the Healthy Protocols site. I have been a health nut for decades and your site is the most complete one I have ever found. Over the years I have copied and saved all of your previous protocols that you posted on the net but now that I have access to all of your work, I no longer need them.   Jim

I want to thank you for your site. It's been work but now I have a good handle on my health. I have put a couple hundred hours into your site and it's been well worth it. I had no idea what I did not know about my health.   Dennis

I want to thank you for your Breast Cancer Protocol. It opened my eyes to the reality of BC. I have been doing all the things you mentioned and my overall health has improved. You have a wonderful web site.   Mary

This site is fantastic. It has truly changed my life. Thank you.   David

I got my gout under control with the help of your site, no drugs involved. Tim

I just wanted to say thanks for your webpage (
If you have any advice for the group, I'd love to hear it. Thanks again, and have a great week!   Emma