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if you're going to stop this downward spiral, it'll be totally 100% up to you


“When it comes to health, we try the easiest stuff first. Doctor appointments, tests, MRI, procedures, drugs, and more drugs - sometimes even surgery. All the things that THEY do - anything that doesn't require our participation. The comforting illusion that we're doing something about our problem by letting somebody else do it. After a while, when all this has failed, a little light goes on - for some. And that's the idea that these guys really don't know what they're doing. And that if you're going to stop this downward spiral, it'll be totally 100% up to you.”    The Doctor Within


The simple primal act of getting LOTS of the high noon sun on your bare “unprotected” skin in large amounts just may be the most important single thing you can do for your health. If the sun casts a shadow longer than you are tall you cannot make adequate vitamin D from the sun. You MUST take vitamin D3 at the daily rate of about 1000 IU/20 pounds of body weight.


This book will do more to change your ideas on the ABSOLUTE importance of nutrition than any other IMO.   Weston Price Protocol

“The diets of healthy primitive and non-industrialized peoples contain no refined or denatured foods such as refined sugar or corn syrup; white flour; canned foods; pasteurized, homogenized, skim or low-fat milk; refined or hydrogenated vegetable oils; protein powders; artificial vitamins or toxic additives and colorings.” Weston A, Price Foundation

“Circling the world in the 1920s and 30s, Doctor Price and his wife found the same sinister pattern among “primitive” populations, whether isolated Irish fishermen, tribal Africans, Pacific Islanders, Eskimos, North and South American Indians or Australian Aborigines. Those groups that followed their traditional nature-based diets enjoyed good health and vigor and those that turned to the ‘civilized’ diet of processed, sugar-laden foods soon developed a variety of ills, including misshapen bones and teeth-and the situation worsened with each generation.” Doctor Robert M. Cathcart MD


"The more expert—or at least the more educated—a person is, the less likely that person is to see a solution when it is not within the framework in which he or she was taught to think. When a possibility comes up that is ruled out by the accepted framework, an expert—or well-educated individual—is often less likely to see it than an amateur without the confining framework. For example, one naturally prefers to consult a trained doctor than an untrained person about matters of health. But if a new cure happens to be developed that is at variance with accepted concepts, the medical profession is often the last to accept it. This problem has always existed in all professions, but it tends to be accentuated under modern conditions."    Herman Kahn, Nuclear War Strategist, Note you MUST burst through your ingrained propaganda and start to see the Medical Facts and operate on them.


Healthy Protocols

This web site started as an idea I had about sharing some of my healthy habits developed, researched, rationalized, reworked and refined over a lifetime. It all seems to fit together. I am hoping after you study each piece it will fit together for you also. You will need to modify many of these healthy habits to fit YOUR unique requirements.


Build Your own Health

"Ultimately making beneficial changes in your life will be the key to long term success. Nurture health rather than fight disease."   Doctor Harlan Bieley MD

This web site is intended to supply you with a template such that you can construct your personalized set of health protocols. I show you the medical evidence that suggests healthy ways to view most of the key medical and health related topics and to take action on those views. This is where the protocols come in. A protocol is a standardized way to approach a topic, for example as you will see the evidence is overwhelmingly in support of NEVER drinking a single soft drink or eating a single doughnut. Easy to say hard to do? Not really once you see the thousands of pieces of evidence and view it from many hundreds of angles provided by my diverse protocols.


Reading the Research Quotes

Most protocols will begin with a series of quotes from medical professionals. These quotes apply to the protocol, sometimes in ways not so apparent at first glance. Some presuppose a little technical medical knowledge on your part. Believe it or not after a few hours reading this research and the underlying physiology often contained in the protocol, you will begin to understand a lot of the underlying medicine. Its not rocket science; only basic human physiology and often simple science.

My tendency was to skip the research paragraphs and get to the "meat" of an article. It took me some time to slow down and imbibe the research which often posits a simple observed fact representing many years of work by a team of a half dozen or so highly trained people. Its powerful stuff. Reading the research helps you form good habits; then it reinforces the execution of these good habits. There are for example hundreds of quotes testifying to the destructive nature of refined sugar; after reading them a few dozen times over the decades it has become VERY difficult for me to add a gram of sugar to ANYTHING!  In my house it would be impossible for there is no refined sugar. 

If something seems too involved just pass it by; the second time through it will make more sense. These research paragraphs are intended to be read many times. After many months you will string several quotes together and a light will go on for you and some murky concept will become crystal clear in a flash. I have made untold numbers of breakthroughs in this manner.

You will come to realize at its irreducible core good health practices are nothing other than logic as applied to human physiology.


Start Anywhere, End Everywhere

"To learn how to fix your brain you are going have to learn to accept a radically new way of thinking about health - one that most doctors today still struggle to understand. The crux of it is embodied in a single truth. Everything is connected." Doctor Mark Hyman MD

To function well you will need to make sure everything is functioning well. The good part is this is not too difficult. You will need to put some academic effort into it. But the payoffs are grand and continuous. You will be well rewarded for your efforts. You will notice most key protocols are hyperlinked to other protocols; sometimes to many dozens of other protocols. This is how your body operates. Hey if your body can accomplish this effortlessly your brain can follow along. Think about that one; your brain thinking about its operation.


IMO Information is 80% of Health

This may seem as self-serving for a web site providing health information but it is none the less true IMO. In today's complex world you can be far healthier understanding most of the simple things required and required to avoid for your good health than having access to all the high tech, often dangerous, health medical gizmos and expensive "medical care" while remaining ignorant of the true basis of your health. This goes in duplicate for the often expensive, toxic and contraindicated drugs being foisted on the medically ignorant patient and their at times medically ignorant doctors alike.

For example as you will see with osteoporosisosteoporosis is a lifestyle "disease" of a lack of information. You can "cure" this lifestyle with a dozen or so hours of research. Its just that simple.

For another example SUGAR DIABETES  is a 935 Billion dollar World Industry, it is also a lifestyle "disease" of a lack of information. You can "cure" this lifestyle with a dozen or two hours of research.  After a some serious research and a cancer free life you will know what  Cancer  is.


Once You Learn What to DO, DO IT!

All this academic knowledge will do your body little good unless it is coupled with the physical actions this knowledge dictates. A good habit is to print out an involved protocol and take it on a long walk. On your walk formulate a plan and since your plan will HAVE to involve exercise you are implementing your plan from hour one.


YOUR Good Health is YOURS for the Taking

"Be your own doctor most of the time."   Doctor Bob Martin

The simple truth is all that is required for YOUR good health, most of the time, is for YOU to work with YOUR body, not against it. We show you many, inexpensive, usually easy, relatively painless, the "pain" is often a little sweat, ways to do this.  


Your Body is in Charge

We tend to abuse our bodies in many ways. Just remember your body decides when it is time for you to go to the hospital, how long you will remain in the hospital and IF you will walk out or be wheeled out of the hospital. Of course abuse your poor body enough and it can do things to you we do not want to discuss. Your body can also often put you on top of the world. Which body do YOU want? Your body wants to put it and you on top of the world. Your body knows what to do; your body will do the correct things UNLESS you screw things up. 


Your Body is in Charge

IMO make your body your best friend. This means you are going to have to start living for the BOTH of you. A healthy schizophrenic approach to dealing with your body is in order IMO. Nine hundred and Ninety nine times out of one thousand when someone screws up it will be shortsighted you and not your faithful body.


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